Open Play

Does a library membership qualify for the Open Play discount?

Yes! If you have a library membership, open play is just $7/child.​

What are the ages for Open Play?

A: The same as our classes: Ages 1-10!

Do you charge for adults during Open Play?

Any adults visiting Kid Fit NJ are always free!

Can I purchase Open Play Passes in advance?

Yes! You can purchase a 10 sessions of Open Play for $95, or 4 sessions of Open Play for $40! To do so, check out the "Open Play" tab!

When can my child go on the zipline?

We run our zipline at the end of all of our classes, at all of our birthday parties, and halfway through each Open Play session.


What do you do during each class?

The specific activities for the class depend on the age group! Typically, we start with a warm up, move onto our three skill builders of the week, and complete a challenge. Our Ninjas will test their skills on our ninja obstacle course, and Superheroes will complete our weekly mission to save the day! We end all of our classes with a ride on the zipline!

How long are your classes?

Each class is 50 minutes ​long.

How many children are allowed in each class?

We cap our classes at 20 children. ​

Can a sibling come to class? (Not the same age)

Yes, we have all ages classes available on our schedule (the purple class)! Otherwise, we ask that only children who fit the identified age range enter the gym floor. Safety is our number one priority!

What are your membership options?

We offer three different types of memberships: The Unlimited Membership, Class Passes, and Open Play Passes: 1. Unlimited Membership: Enjoy unlimited classes and open play sessions all month long! 2. Class Passes: Purchase a 10-pack or 4-pack of classes and use them anytime within a year! 3. Open Play Passes: Purchase a 10-pack or 4-pack of open play sessions and use them anytime within a year! To take a closer look at our membership options, visit the "Pricing" tab!


Do your parties include food? Do you have a pizza place that you typically order from?

Our parties do not include food, however, we would be happy to take care of ordering your pizza! That way, we can ensure that the food gets to the right place at the right time, and that it is served while it’s fresh. We have a great relationship with Cicontes in Marlton - pizzas are just $13 each! We also offer mini water bottles for $0.50 each and juice boxes for $0.99 each. Pizza and beverages can be added onto your party reservation during your birthday confirmation the Monday before the party.

Can you purchase admission to the museum for the guests after your party? How much does that cost per person?

Yes, however all transactions must take place at the Museum front desk. If your guests would like to enter the museum after a party, they must enter the museum through the front door, not through Kid Fit. Admission prices can be found on the Garden State Discovery Museum website:

Garden State Discovery Museum

Are you part of the Discovery Museum?

We often partner with the Garden State Discovery Museum for special events, however we are a separate business. We love having great friends right next door!

What discounts do I receive as a Discovery Museum member?

Active GSDM Members receive a discount on drop-in Open Play rates.